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Survey & Advisory Services is a company providing maritime, river, and port services, with the vision of being a leading company in the management and operation of vessels. We are committed to improving working conditions, health, and safety for all levels of our organization: employees, contractors, and stakeholders.


At Survey & Advisory Services, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety, security, and occupational health of maritime, river, and port operations for both national and international vessels. Through our commitment to growth and excellence, we deliver services that meet our clients’ needs with responsibility, integrity, and respect.


Our vision is to lead the industry in vessel management and operations, delivering unmatched commitment, efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation across various management systems.

Company Values


Commitment to honesty and transparency in all business interactions and relationships with customers, employees, and partners.


Promotion of creativity and innovation in the pursuit of advanced and efficient technological solutions for customer needs.


Confidentiality is paramount. We safeguard sensitive information with strict protocols, ensuring trust and privacy for our valued clients.


Continuous pursuit of quality and improvement in all aspects of the services offered, from design and execution to post-sales support.


Commitment to compliance with regulations, environmental care, and corporate social responsibility in all business activities.


We prioritize efficiency. Our streamlined processes and advanced technologies enable us to deliver high-quality results promptly, meeting our clients’ needs with precision and timeliness.

Francisco Hoyos

More than 41 years of national and international experience in the maritime sector.

  • Chief Engineer
  • Marine Surveyor (Hull & Machinery)
  • IACS Inspector (22 years Surveyor to Lloyd’s Register)
  • International Maritime Auditor (Recognized Auditor Number – ARN 116)
  • P&I Surveyor (Different Recognized International Clubs)
  • Maritime Inspector & Independent Investigator and Marine Expert on Legal Cases


We have highly qualified staff dedicated to maintaining high standards.


We are committed to providing a satisfying experience to our customers.


We aim to exceed expectations and ensure effective and safe solutions in the maritime field.

Our Team

Meet our team of professionals

Gloria Varón

General Manager

Francisco Hoyos

Technical Director

Yamil Salas

Operations Supervisor

Samuel Castro

Chief Engineer

Luis Pérez

Various Services and Painting

Alexander Navarro

Metal-Mechanical Operations Assistant

Giovanny Gutierrez

Electronics Operations Assistant

Sandra Imitola

Accounting Services

Estefanía Triviño

Accounting Assistant

Santiago Hoyos

Engineer & Computer Science Expert